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A domain name is a key ingredient in branding and advertising your business. The domain you choose impacts your success in search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing practices. Choose poorly and your ranking on Google will suffer along with your website’s click-through rate.

Before shopping for a domain name, you need to conduct some basic keyword research. The presence of a keyword phrase in a domain name has a direct impact on Google’s ranking algorithm. For instance, if you are a Nashville area painter, the keyword you may want to rank for would be “Nashville home painter.” Getting this phrase into your domain should be a priority.

Besides Google ranking, take into consideration consumer habits before settling on a domain name. Marketing research has shown that generic domain names are more likely to be clicked on than company specific names. For instance, an ad for would do better than an ad for

Where Should You Buy a Domain?

The place you buy your domain is just as important as selecting a domain name. Your domain provider needs to provide you with extensions that will be ranked well by Google such as .com, .net, and .org. Websites that end in .biz or .info are commonly penalized by Google and labeled as spam.

The place you buy a domain should also have flexibility as far as pricing. Not all domains are created equal and you don’t want to overpay for a domain that’s bound to underperform. Individual prices should be listed as well as a potential option to offer domain owners a bid on the name. A “Make an Offer” option could end up saving you potentially hundreds of dollars.

The domain provider should also be of assistance in narrowing down your domain name choices. Within the search feature, there should be a way to exclude certain characters like hyphens from the name. Also, when you type in your keywords, the search results will generate all possible names available within your selected categories.

Luckily, provides all of these features and more. Browse their large inventory of domain names in order to find the perfect choice for your online business.

Small Business Domains

If you are a small business and have yet to build a website, you are missing out on the possibility to expand your company and increase revenue. It is estimated that close to 70 percent of the U.S. population has done some of their shopping online. Moreover, over 80 percent of shoppers conduct online research before making a retail purchase. Although building a website is one part of the equation for success, having a professional and easy to remember domain is another part.

On, we can help you secure a domain that includes your company’s targeted keywords. Keywords are crucial to your website’s search rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You may even want to consider owning more than one domain that you can link to your website in an effort to capture even more online traffic.

As part of your branding strategy, you need to check what business domains are available. There are millions and millions of domains already registered and you want your business name to easily link up with your selected domain.

Real Estate Domains

Real estate is a highly competitive field. Realtors have to fight hard for each sale they make in order to earn their commission. Realtors with a professional domain can appeal to both buyers and sellers. Both parties are turning more and more to online searches as a way to research what’s going on in the current real estate marketplace. A dedicated website is an effective form of lead generation.

Websites are now a big part of the home buying process. Most homebuyers will look at a property online before deciding to schedule a showing or not. A real estate website should have comprehensive listings that include the house’s specifications, crystal clear photos, and interactive video tours. Securing an easy to find domain name for your real estate business can help you drive your online traffic numbers up.

Travel Domains

Tourism and travel-related websites often get lost within the crowd. Although the content on your travel website may be unique and informative, you may find your analytics showing very few site visitors. Although keyword-rich, high-quality content will do wonders for your Google ranking, you may not have the patience to wait for your site to rise in search results. By purchasing a domain with a targeted keyword phrase through, you will get a leg up on the competition.

For professionals in the tourism industry, this need for site recognition is even greater. Brick and mortar travel agencies are being driven out of business as a high number of consumers make their travel arrangements online. Independent as well as enterprise-level travel agencies are looking to stay in business by driving more customers to their websites. A professional travel domain is a solid first step in enticing online shoppers to book their vacations through your website.

There are an endless number of businesses and individuals that could benefit from purchasing a domain name from The above examples are just a brief sampling of the company types that are widening their customer base with the use of premium, unique domain names. Visit our website today to learn more about the many ways we can help your site get seen by the customers you want to reach.


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