Most Expensive Domain Names 2015

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Most Expensive Domain Names


The 2015 domain sales year is over and it’s time to talk about the most expensive names that sold.  Sometimes, the answer to this might come as a shock, but people need to understand that buying a premium domain is an investment that is only going to help their company in the future.  According to the DN Journal, the most expensive domain sold in 2015 was and it sold for $8,888,888.  The rule for a smart domain name is simple: the shorter and easier it is for people to remember, the better, and is no exception.  This name is short, to the point and customers can easily understand what the website objective is.  Let’s take a look at the remaining names on the list of the top 10 for 2015.




1.) – $8,888,888 (February 2015)

2.) - $1,000,000 ( September 2015)

3.) - $1,000,000 (September 2015)

4.) - $818,181 (October 2015)

5.) – 801,000 (September 2015)

6.) - $800,000 (January 2015)

7.) – $694,095 (October 2015)

8.) - $575,000 (March 2015)

9.) - $555,050 (August 2015)

10.) - $554,000 (July 2015)


You will notice that all of the above websites are short and end in .com, the most popular domain extension.  Typically, customers think of websites as ending in .com, making it a smart choice when deciding on a domain name.  According to, some of the rarest domains are two letter .com names.  Only 676 two letter .com names exist, which is why you see so many on the list above with high price tags.  Typically, in the Chinese culture, numbers are easier to remember then letters, making short number .com domains more valuable and a popular choice.  There are also thoughts that 8 is the king of numbers in the Chinese culture, increasing the value of names with 8’s in them.


The domain name a company chooses is extremely important to their success and will help with its marketing and branding efforts.  The last thing that a company would want to do is spend a lot of money on a poor domain name.  Making the investment into a strong name will pay off several times over.  Investing in a premium domain name will allow your customers to more easily find you and will help to increase overall website traffic. 


While it might seem as if all of the short, .com names are already taken or way out of your budget, think again.  There are plenty of great premium domain names still available that can help you form a successful business and a solid foundation for the future.  Search through's inventory of available names or speak with one of our experienced domain experts at 866-277-3420.  They are always willing to help find the best name that meets your business’ needs.