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“We upgraded from a previous domain name to to build a memorable and catchy brand name. Since then, has taken off. We have experienced an increase in our SEO rankings and, in result, increased traffic to our website. With our relaunch under the brand, we were able to boost sales and donations to our nonprofit partners through better brand visibility. Recently, we were able to complete our brand switchover by registering our trademark. None of this would have been possible without our premium domain from BuyDomains. The process of acquiring was seamless from start to finish.”

Kai Buehler

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“We upgraded from to to have a top level domain rather than a country specific domain. We currently trade in Australia though plan to operate internationally. Since upgrading we have had increased traffic and sales. We are now positioned on the web ready to expand to a global level. Our experience was seamless and professional throughout the negotiations and purchase. We will gladly purchase from again.”

James Peebles

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“We purchased to develop a new site to showcase our high quality vehicle tires for the consumer. Originally we planned to purchase a regional domain name for our business, but we had the foresight to know that a premium .com name would benefit us when we expanded globally. Since the launch of we have been heavily investing in SEO and our traffic to our site is increasing daily. In terms of business impact, we believe that this domain is going to help us accelerate our growth, which in turn will result in the potential for bigger sales. We found our overall experience with to be very smooth as well as hassle free. The service was exceptional and we were able to have the whole purchase process from beginning to end completed in a timely fashion.”


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“For 15 years, we have been designing and building custom websites. We have other domains;,,,, and; and we decided to close the loop by purchasing, the most important, from

The web design is an overwhelming passion, searching for new and engaging solutions, which makes our job exciting and totally unique. The graphics are essential to meet our creativity and to offer customers top quality solutions. I am an architect, in addition to architectural projects of interior and exterior, I must give vent to my creativity with the graphics of web sites, trying to give the customer the best, for his and my satisfaction too. Overall our web presence is just beginning as our visibility just launched this month but we are looking forward to seeing some great results as we have with our other extensions. We are using the site for hosting, cloud, e-commerce, and custom web sites.

We could not be happier with our experience in purchasing this domain from It was positive from beginning to end and we had excellent interactions with the sales team. Considering we are located in Europe, we were overly pleased with the availability of and their attentiveness to meet all of our needs. ”


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“Our new venture provides early learning adventure programs for families with toddlers and we decided on the domain name because it is short, brandable, and the keywords will help to promote relevant results in search engines.

In our early stages, we received positive feedback from parents while experimenting with an early learning adventure program for Toddlers. This early success signaled to us that we should consider launching an official Toddler adventure program with a unique identity that speaks to parents of Toddlers in the 1-5 age range.

Since its official launch under the URL, our Toddler adventure programs have experienced exponential growth and we continue to expand. We recently rolled out Toddler Camp on the East Coast this summer and we will add various ecommerce capabilities in the near future.

We are also spinning off our blog into its own resource at, which will provide parents of Toddlers with a variety of information, including early activities that they can do with their toddlers at home if they live outside the regions in which Toddler Camp is offered.

The purchase of the URL on was both seamless and smooth. The communication throughout the process provided a certain level of comfort that we came to appreciate especially after a previously poor domain purchase experience with another entity. We used again to buy last month and we will continue to consider them for all of our future domain name needs.”

Kevin Tidwell & Tracy Fredkin

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“Raising the Bar is easy to remember so most have no trouble finding my company, whether they met us at a speaking engagement, heard about us via word of mouth, or other marketing venues. By using the name of your company and having it as a website name as well, to brand your business, new business will come.”

Robin Hensley

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“I see buying outstanding domain names like buying property in the best locations — they will always be valuable. Our portfolio of names have significantly helped our growth, not least because they feature so quickly in the search engines.”

Simon Milligton
Owner of

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“A client or customer should be able to tell what kind of business you do just by viewing your domain.

Your domain name is your potential client's first point of entry. Ideally your brand name and domain name should be one and the same

We wanted a name that would have a stickiness effect. A name we could play around and be creative with. A brand. The domain name is self-explanatory. We want our users to say 'I created my sample board on SampleBoard.”

Rosslyn Tebbutt
Founder of

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“Since launching just over a year ago our online sales have more than tripled. We have several different websites and outperforms the others on a regular basis.

Buying this domain name from was the best money I have ever spent and the online exposure we have gained has made our business a booming success!

There is no better marketing tool then the internet and the right domain name can get your website the traffic you need to succeed.”

Brian Langohr
Diamond Fire Glass, Inc

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“I changed the name of my font software design company to Altered Ego Fonts. Changing the name to Altered Ego Fonts had several positive benefits. It moved me to the top of lists alphabetically when fonts are listed. In typeface there is a character called the aesc (pronounced "ash"). The aesc corresponds perfectly to the name Altered Ego, and is featured prominently in all marketing that I do. As time has passed, I've been building the brand awareness of Altered Ego Fonts. I realized for a long time that the shorter name Altered Ego has the potential for a unique and compelling brand name for other items such as t-shirts, accessories, and other items.

What was missing was the perfect domain name: I was delighted to find the domain available on, and quickly negotiated an offer to acquire the domain. was responsive and courteous, and made the process simple and smooth.

I will continue to transition the Altered Ego Fonts brand into Altered Ego, and the domain name will be a core part of my marketing strategy. I'm glad that was so easy to work with.”

Brian Sooy
Altered Ego Fonts

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“We knew we needed a household name. Because our application targets the demographics ages 16-60, we needed a name that was easily recognizable for all ages as well as all languages. Magic Moments is understood worldwide, and that is important to us. If anyone is serious about their business endeavor, they need to make the proper investment.

Thanks to, we felt secure and comfortable through the entire process. It was like buying a house, but much quicker, and minus the paperwork. Now we have a new piece of online real estate!”

Trevor George
CEO of Blue Wheel Media

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“We purchased because it is a keyword rich domain name, helping us in search engine results, and also had the likelihood of a 'direct type ins', driving us even more traffic. Even though is a new website for us, we instantly shot up to the #1 SERP for the high volume search terms we targeted, driving the bulk of our traffic by far. If you make a spectacular product, but no one knows about it, it will fail. A premium domain allows you to get traffic quicker, and has inherent credibility with consumers. Purchasing a premium domain from Afternic was definitely a worthwhile investment for us.”

Michael Nunez
Affiliate Recruitment

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“We thought it was extremely important to get a solid .com domain that matched the name of our product. For a variety of reasons we thought it was much more powerful to get the exact match between domain and product name. Don't make your customers work—that's what we kept coming back to. It's hard enough to attract attention and convert people, and we didn't want to throw any sand in the gears.

Faced with a choice, and an affordable price, our attitude is that the correct domain /product match is simply the right choice. Purchasing our domain through was simple and easy, straightforward and clear.

Unquestionably, a premium domain is a good investment. It makes you easier to find, it matches your product name exactly, and it adds credibility to your organization that you can manage to or afford to get the correct match with your product name.”

Dan Ostlund
Director of Sales at Fog Creek

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Tungsten Branding logo domain reviews

“As a professional naming and branding consultant, I know the value of a clear, concise and compelling domain name. With so few available, has proved to be one of the best, and most reliable, sources of quality .com names. One of the names we were able to secure through your services was This proved to be just what the client wanted — a memorable brand name at a reasonable price. The added bonus was the ease of purchase and professional follow up after the sale. Thanks again for a job well done!”

Phillip Davis
Tungsten Branding

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“Not only it is easy to remember for our customers and partners, we really believe it helped search engines like Google & Yahoo to recognize our single focus of providing great Chinese teachers: we ranked #1 on page 1 for both Yahoo and Google for the keywords "Chinese teachers" after just one week of launching our English pages for our students. Thank you!”

Sheila Sauvage
Founder of

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Estibot logo domain reviews

“We were able to find two great domain names within an hour of searching on Both domain names were available using the "Buy It Now" option which was important to us because we didn't want to waste time submitting offers and waiting for responses... We heard back within 30 minutes (ON A SUNDAY) and finalized the transaction by that evening.

Within 3 days of the payment being sent we had possession of both domain names, a welcome email with login credentials for the two accounts and a confirmation from our account representative asking if we were able to access the domain names. Throughout the entire process the team has been EXTREMELY professional, fast and accommodating. Their professional conduct should serve as an example to all domain industry service providers.

It's very hard to find companies in our industry that respect the customer and provide a great service. We can say with full confidence that is recommended by EstiBot!

A big thank you to the team, you've made this small business very happy by providing just what we wanted, domains, quickly, smoothly and without the headache!”

Luc Lezon
Estibot founder

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AC Lens logo domain reviews

“The premium domains purchased by AC Lens have helped us secure type-in terms critical to new product lines we've added. The domains are not only great for sales but they also fit the branding profile of our company. Although we haven't begun to develop a website on the domains purchased, we have noticed a significant number of type-in sales from the premium domains we've purchased. The total order volume makes us pretty confident that we will recover our investment in an acceptable time frame.

The sale process with is easy and efficient. You can quickly pay online and within minutes the transfer can be started. Customer service is available throughout the process to help answer questions or facilitate the transfer.”

Robert Drumm
AC Lens

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